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Graduate School of Foreign Languages, Western Languages and Cultures, 
Chinese Language and Culture,

Aiming to develop educated individuals capable of understanding literature, culture and history from a broad viewpoint based on a rich knowledge of language

The Graduate School of Foreign Languages of Kanagawa University provides two majors: Western Languages and Cultures, and Chinese Language and Culture. Both focus on teaching students about the nature and essence of foreign languages while they study in depth the literature, culture and history of the country of interest. The two majors, in that way, aim to produce enlightened individuals with high professional abilities who are able to widely understand different cultures as well as play an active role in the international community.
In a modern society that is becoming increasingly more advanced and complex, the expectations and demands of the role of graduate schools as the highest educational institutions are becoming greater year by year. Based on a unique curriculum, undergraduate education at Kanagawa University offers courses that teach the broad and effective knowledge necessary for internationally-minded individuals, as well as courses that form a basis for more specialized studies. Building on the excellence of the undergraduate program, the Graduate School has been established as a higher education system that helps students improve their capabilities to plan and perform research and development activities in a more detailed and advanced way. The Graduate School of Foreign Languages, founded in 1992, not only has made remarkable achievements in the area of professional research, but also has produced many researchers, university professors, and highly specialized professionals.

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